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Retaj was founded in Doha in 2004 as a real estate development company to offer solutions in the fields of selling, buying, leasing and managing real estate.

Since then, we have achieved our goal of becoming a recognized name in the real estate and hospitality sectors of Qatar. The company now plays a key role in Qatar and Gulf markets through development, real estate marketing, project management, real estate and hospitality services.

We are currently seeking to expand into the GCC countries, Europe and East Asia.

The partnership of the International Hotel Retaj with our company ITTI

Take advantage of the best investment opportunities in Turkey and the 2
#for the first time in Turkey, long-term #RON_on_apartment_for_15 years “
Own and invest in luxury apartments with full-view sea views and the #Rtag_celery_villa_resort-Lamethel coast in European Istanbul
The project was designed as a resort tourist project with many diverse activities and events. With privacy where services #resort_celery_villa# are both luxurious and enjoyable
Combining tranquility and the opportunity to make the best investment in Turkey the ever-present & large open-plan, open-air-space-filled, full of services and activities highlight the spectacular sea view.
The housing units in the project are designed to the highest standards and are equipped with the best accommodation services The highest standards of luxury such as security system and cleaning and reception services.
The project is also equipped with many outstanding activities, as well as various courses, swimming pools and water activities due to its proximity to the sea at just 3 kilometers and the presence of a marina.
The project is close to the Marmara Sea, which makes the beauty and appeal of #resort_celery_villa because of this panoramic view around it Because of the multiplicity of activities and activities in the project.
They owned your investment unit and got a euro rental return for 15 years. Multiple benefits in a project.
Ownership of “#Retaj_celery_villa_resort” gives you the right to Turkish citizenship
What does our company “ITTI” offer you
1-Condo of a Taba apartment in a 5 star resort
With a property on the rumor for all resort services
And access to Turkish nationality.
2-a successful investment with the highest euro return through #Rtag Global For hotels in the resort.
3-in addition to the return on the hotel rental, the owner of the unit has a return on all hotel resort services (Swimming pools – Sauna – Steam – Spa – Room Services – Mercedes Cars for Guest Service – Golf electric cars for Project Navigation – etc.).
4-the #World Heritage Hotels of the Owners issue a Owner’s Card which will enjoy a stay at the World Heritage Resort, Liferie Villa Resort away at special rates and will be paid at the end of the year when the owner’s profit account is settled
Payment and inquiry:
Convenient rates and simple service from $45k to $18m
Special Discount for immediate payment and Project Delivery on 12/2020 direct inquiry ( and affiliation)

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